Golden Dragon

Sarah Ducharme - Budapest
SwindleThe Willoughbys
The Graveyard Book
Babymouse Monster Mash
Gemini Summer
Raymond and Graham Rule the School
All the Lovely Bad Ones
The Seer

Susan Matter - WarsawSwindle by Gordon Korman--Good--started out slow, but the suspense picked up about 30 pages in. Not much characterization, howeverBuddha's Diamonds--Good, but I would not want to put it on the GD list until a student has read it. My impression is that the writing is more for adults. I will write to one of my fifth grade teachers to see if I can get someone to try it out. It also is in another setting (Vietnam) and the message is a good one--to be happy with what you have.
The Willoughbys --Good, vocab might be hard for 4th grade, but a very funny bookRed Ghost by Bauer--okElvis and Olive--Good +, surprising book--at first glance seems like a simple friendship theme, but really talks about a variety issues
The Graveyard Book - Bit scary at first, and maybe something we advise for 5th grade and only very mature 4th, but it's an excellent book. RL 5.7
Gollywhopper Games--Good--plot is a little too pat at end though
Bronze Pen--GoodThe 13th Reality-the journal of curious letters by James Dashner, RL 6.2--good--first in a series
The London Eye Mystery--it was good--my only comment is that there is one small reference to kids being kidnapped for sexual purposes.
Otherwise really good read
Hate that Cat--ok--Not nearly as good as Love that Dog
Clementine's Letter--good minus--It's not as good as the first, but would work for WU if we don't find anything better.
Oggie Cooder--Good--Despite the terrible front cover, the book is very interesting and certainly has a strong message about being yourself

Calder's Game - I think it is a bit too complicated, plus the art won't interest many students. Not that it's a bad book, but if I'm rating for general student appeal, I would give it an ok.

Babymouse Monster Mash--Good theme as in the other GD Babymouse.
Being yourself and standing up to bullies. It will work for ESL and
low level readers.My 100 adventures--Good book, BUT I think difficult to understand for kids. Maybe someone else can read and see what they think??The Magic Thief by Sarah Phineas, RL 6.7, Good +
Sisters of the Sword, good + Even the boys will like this one
Alvin Ho--ok I thought it would be more of a Stink type book. If we include this one I would say definitely keep it as a WU. It's about a second grade boy.
Puppy Power by Judy Cox, RL 3.0, Good + It's about a 3rd grader, it's easy to read, plus I really liked it because it's told from the point of view of the bully, who doesn't realize at first that she is a bully.
Masterpiece by Elise Broach--RL 5.3 It's really quite a good book--Good +--A story of friendship, bravery, loyalty, and art. But not too heavy on art. Got an SLJ starred review.Gemini Summer--Good book, but I think too difficult for GD. Language iscolloquial, it takes place in the 1960s in the USA, which will bedifficult for some children. Maybe someone else can read it and see if you also think it is too difficult???Me and My Bike--Good--fine for WU, has a good moral about being contentwith what you haveTall Tales — Good, but again I'm not sure about the GD aspect. It is
about a girl with an abusive alcoholic father. Too mature for 4thgrade, or maybe a good book to read about living with an alcoholic.The Magic Half--Good +--surprising book. I thought it would be a silly
girls book, but I had a hard time putting it down. Nice spin on familyrelations and judging people.Eleven--Good
Minn and Jake--ok--I'm not so sure kids will get it without having read the first book. It's a good book about friendship, but as I recall, the first Minn and Jake wasn't well received??
Lost and Found. I thought it was good and would be well liked as a Golden DragonAndy Shane and Queen of Egypt. I don't know if that level of book just drives me crazy or what, but I only thought it was ok. If we need another really easy read, it would be fine though. Maybe kids will like it better than I do.
The Sherlock Files--100-Year-old secret...Good book. Mystery plus a bit of what it's like to move to another country and be the new kid.
Waggit's Tale--6.2--Peter Howe--OK + A good book for dog lovers--talks about plight of strays. Similar to A Dog's Life
Linda Marti - Prague
Sisters of the Sword. Exciting, but then at the end it wrapped up quite abruptly to set the stage for the sequel. Didn't help my review that my favorite character was killed off at the end!
Cool Zone with the Pain and the Great One by Byars - Good
Found by Haddix - Excellent
Alvin Ho - good; nice to have a main character who's Chinese; will appeal to Wimpy Kid fans
Terracotta Girl - good minus, but I think it would be good to keep it again because it's a setting other than US or UK
Just Grace Walks the Dog - OK - I stopped halfway through as I found the the character of Grace annoying.
Step Fourth, Mallory! by Friedman - Good, much better than the Grace book! Kaspar, Prince of Cats by Morpurgo - GoodLost and Found - liked it very well!
The Underneath by Appelt. It's well-written but limited kid appeal. Disappointing as I was hoping for something more likable.
Masterpiece - thought it was very good. One of the best of what I've read on this list so far.