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Lexile labels
1. Work to make sure that a book's lexile number is available on OPAC
(priority goal),
2. Put lexile numbers *inside* books in light penciling (not-so-priority
3. Keep working on grabbing kids' interest through booktalks and the like,
4. Work with teachers to ensure that lexiles and Reading Counts quizzes
don't become the be-all and end-all of student reading choices and goals,
5. Teach book selection skills and emphasize that checking the lexiles can
be an afterthought not a deciding factor in checking out

MARC wizard - free cataloging service

Determining Levels
There were three main ways to ascertain a reading level by typing a passage into a
program. Word does it under Tools, then Word count. Kathy Schrock's website
has directions. Also, you can register on the Lexile site and type in a passage to get a Lexile level.

Lexile Resources

Graphic Novel Question
Ours are marked and shelved in non-fiction - 741.XXX However, I pull them and have them on seperate shelves for easier access by the students. Needless to say, those shelves are always bare. : ) I also display the newest ones with the new books on those few occassions when the new ones are returned and not immediately checked out

Award Stickers (Newbery/Caldecott)
purchase packets of these seals through the ALA Store:

Just Marc It cataloging wiki

Playaway Contract

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