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Weeding Brochure (MUSTY model)

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Advisory Committee how-to

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I send my principal a monthly report of student visits, teacher requests, information/research requests, serial circulation, book circ, Internet access, webpage hits

Subtle ways to let them know a few things about the TL and the library:
1. Add all your qualifications behind your name in the year book and on your name tag/plate on your desk.
2. Complete a 3 or 5 year strategic planning document that clearly states what you and your staff (if you have any) do
(responsisbilities) - include the library environment, literacy outcomes, Information literacy outcomes, any committees you attend, any extras like the year book, technologies
3. Get the plan signed off by the principal and evaluate it at the end of each year. Highlight the things you managed to achieve (in yellow), highlight (in red) those you didn't with a brief comment about why.
4. Brand everything you produce so everyone knows it comes from the library and you - too often resources produced by the TL are used all over the school but no one knows where they came from.
5. Display achievements and teacher/student collaborations in the parent newsletter, in the front office, in the foyer, in the staffroom - not in the library, where some members of your community will never see them.
6. Always have a trolley full of stuff and be seen carting this in and out of your office on a daily basis, even if it only contains items destined for the shredder.
7. Have a booking sheet clearly available for everyone to see and use - online is even better. Book in your time on this sheet too and include meetings with publishers/booksellers, volunteer staff, library staff meetings, and anything else.
8. Try to set up some simple stats collecting from your catalogue and publish these once a month in the newsletter - can even set it up as a
competition between year groups.
9. For literacy outcomes stress the importance of strong modeling especially for boys and advocate for a 10 minute reading session at the
beginning of every day across the school where either everyone reads (teachers and admin, esp the Principal) or are read to.
10. Learn to say no if teachers have not made prior arrangements, or temper your service provision.